Business Law

The law regulates almost every aspect of business, from setting up in business on your own, to forming a partnership (which may be a Limited Liability Partnership) to dealing with, or even buying, a Limited Company.

Our expert team can advise you fully on the implications of business decisions you have to make. We can advise you fully on how the law will regulate your business affairs and what steps you should take to ensure that the law does not imply terms and conditions that you do not want.

We can help you by drafting a Partnership Agreement or a Shareholders Agreement to ensure that the structure of your business reflects your wishes.
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Contract Law

We can advise you on the terms of existing Contracts and also drawing up a Contract between you and other parties to regulate your dealings with them.

We can also advise you fully regarding your rights if the terms of the Contract are broken.

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We know that buying your house is probably the biggest financial transaction you will ever undertake and buying and selling houses can be a difficult and stressful time. We can provide you with useful information and answers to your queries to assist you with a house purchase or sale or a remortgage.

We will keep you up to date at all stages throughout the conveyancing process.

We will advise you regarding the financing of any purchase and surveys on the property.

Before you commence the conveyancing process, we will provide you with a full written quotation in respect of our fees so that you can accurately budget from the outset.

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Criminal Injury and Damages

If you have been injured by the criminal act of another person , for example an assault, you may be entitled to claim compensation from the Compensation Agency which is a part of the Department of Justice.

We can advise you fully in all aspects of this and assist you with lodging your claim. There are strict time limits for this type of claim, so if you are assaulted you should contact us straight away so that we can get your claim moving!

If your property is damaged by other persons or by terrorist activity, you may also be able to claim for recovery of your losses. Again there are strict time limits for these claims so call us as soon as possible so your claim could be made effectively.
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Criminal Law

In the case of either injury or damage to property, you must, as a part of your claim, report the incident to the police straight away, or at least within 48 hours of it happening. However, even if this has not been done, do contact us. Our full-time specialists can assist in advising you and lodging your claim.
If you are suspected of any criminal offence or are charged, it is vital that you take legal advice immediately.

Did you know that if you attend at a police station, whether you are arrested or go voluntarily to answer questions, you are entitled to free Legal Aid? You can therefore get free, expert legal advice on all aspects of any case against you.

If you are arrested outside office hours, the police have telephone numbers to reach our legal team, so you can be assured of expert advice, day or night.

If your case comes to court, we can advise fully of the best way to deal with it, and can claim Legal Aid in court for all those who qualify. We have a long and distinguished record in this area and welcome the opportunity to discuss any case with you.
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Judicial Review

This growing area of law involves the courts taking a more active role in the relations between you and public bodies, from prisons to health trusts.

The law in this area is changing very rapidly and you can be assured that we will be able to advise you as to the current position and any potential actions you may have.

This is another area of law with very strict time limits for taking action, so please contact us as soon as possible if you feel you may have a case.
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The Law of Children

In the event of a marriage / relationship break down issues may arise if there are children. There may be disputes as to which parent the children are to live with, how often the other parent will have contact with the children and other major decisions regarding a child. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with these issues whether it be in the Family Proceedings Court, the Family Care Centre or the High Court.

We also regularly represent parents in Care Proceedings brought by the Trust, applications by a Trust for secure accommodation and adoption proceedings. In such cases where the state becomes involved it is essential that a parent has the benefit of sound legal advice and is fully represented during Court proceedings.
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Matrimonial Law

Unfortunately not every relationship works out as well as the parties may have hoped.

In the event of marital breakdown or the end of a relationship we can provide sound professional and confidential advice. We can advise you regarding financial issues, the matrimonial home, child maintenance, separation and divorce.

Many matrimonial or cohabitation issues can be resolved amicably by the parties and with the assistance of Solicitors. They can be resolved without the recourse to Court proceedings. We can assist you in choosing the route which is best suitable for your particular circumstances.

In the event of a marital breakdown we can help you resolve the financial matter s amicably with your spouse and arrange for a full and final Matrimonial Separation Agreement.
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Personal Injury

In many cases, where you have suffered an injury as a result of another person’s fault (such as a road accident or an injury at work), you may be entitled to compensation.

We have vast experience in this field and can very quickly advise you on the likelihood of success in any claim. We will arrange medical appointments with specialists in the relevant field and can push for a speedy resolution to your case. Beware of the firms who advertise for claims work. If there is no solicitor involved, then your case cannot go to court and you may end up getting less than your case is actually worth. Also, many of these firms are based in England, where damages are generally less than in Northern Ireland, so to ensure you get what you are entitled to, call on our expertise!

Eamonn Leonard also has wide experience in this area of law, having over 10 years’ experience in getting the best possible compensation for clients. If you are in any doubt as to whether you can or should make a claim, call us for free, no-obligation advice.

Caitriona specialises in this area and is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Law.
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Wills and Probate

Many people die without a Will which can lead to their estate being distributed in a way that they had not foreseen and would not want. Additionally, this can lead to family strife and potentially increased Inheritance Tax.

We can advise you fully regarding drafting your Will to mitigate or eliminate Inheritance Tax, ensure that you have the executors administrating your estate whom you would wish to do so and also we can ensure that your Will leaves your estate as you wish it to be distributed.

We can also advise on Trusts, for example, to ensure that your money is preserved for the benefit of your children until they reach adulthood, as well as tax planning.

When someone dies we have years of experience of winding up their estates and can efficiently administer the estate providing impartial advice regarding distributions and Deeds of Variation, as well as dealing with all tax affairs in relation to estates.

Enduring Powers of Attorney – An Enduring Power of Attorney will allow someone to deal with your affairs on your behalf. Such a power can take effect at any time you decide, you can decide who will deal with your affairs and you can decide what assets or affairs of yours this person can deal with on your behalf. We can advise you fully regarding all possible restrictions which you can put in place. An Enduring Power of Attorney can even allow someone to continue to deal with your affairs if you become mentally incapable of doing so.

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